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Yet Another Pupdate – Rosie’s Departure

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Yet Another Pupdate – Rosie’s Departure

Posted By paddy

As we have been away for a couple of weeks and I have consequently not posted a blog, and because the puppy blogs are very popular, I thought I would start again with another installment. It is also a good time to do this as they are now over eight weeks old and they have grown considerably, but also because Rosie went to her new home yesterday. Tears were shed all around when she left as she was a real sweetie and seemed to be a miniature version of her mum Millie! Rosie is in the photo where she is being held up for the camera. It won’t be long now before Edgar and Arnie go to their new home too! Leaving naughty little Rodger with his mum.

Since we have been away the pups have had their first vaccinations and have settled into a daily routine. This involves waking up at about 5 am each day and a repeated cycle of eating, playing very boisterously for a while and then sleeping again; this goes on all day. Over the past weeks we have been trying to socialize them by taking them outside (carrying) and playing them unusual sounds (thunder, fireworks, gunfire and loud decent music, i.e. Hawkwind, King Crimson, Pink Floyd etc). On their trips outside the pups saw, horses, sheep and chickens on the farm where we were staying. All of which they found very fascinating and coped with exceedingly well. All this bodes well for the future, particularly as Rosie, Edgar and Arnie will all be working gun dogs.

Hopefully I will periodically keep you pudated with their progress.

Written by paddy

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