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Radwinter – Rais Q-Tee 2C Wood-Burning Stove

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Radwinter – Rais Q-Tee 2C Wood-Burning Stove

Posted By paddy

Here is another Rais Stove that I have swept recently, this time in Radwinter – I am seeing a lot more of these attractive, contemporary Rais stoves around the area. This example is the Rais Q-Tee 2C Wood-Burning Stove. I really do like these Rais stoves, I think that they are rather attractive happy medium between a contemporary and traditional freestanding stove. Even though the stove is only 5Kw rated, and situated in a rather large sitting room, the customer told me that it heats the room more than adequately and that she is more than pleased with its performance.

Rais are a Danish company who export 90% of their stoves to other countries in Western Europe and the United States. The Rias factory is located at Frederikshavn in Danemark and employs over 80 people in the production of stoves and each with their own personal responsibility. Their marketing stresses that if you buy a Rais stove “you get Danish design that never compromises on quality, we call it the art of the fire”. They have a large range of different stove models, including: the Caro 90, 110 and Caro SST, the Viva L 100, 120, 140 and 160, the Nexo 100, 120, 140 and 160, & 185, Max 600, the Pilar, the Juno L 120 & 160, the Q-Tee, Q-Tee 2 & Q-Tee C, The Bionic and the Q-Be & Q-Be XL.


Written by paddy

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