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Main Sweeping Services

  • Sweeping of chimneys/flues for all solid fuel, gas, oil and biomass appliances, including open fires and inglenooks.
  • Removal of stubborn tar/creosote deposits which cannot be removed by sweeping alone – Involves the application of a product called ‘Cre-Away’ prior to sweeping.
  • Removal of birds nests.

Additional Services

  • CCTV chimney/flue inspections.
  • Installation of carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Minor stove repairs including replacing damaged firebricks, replacing damaged door glass, fire-cement seals and ceramic rope seals.
  • Smoke testing (flue draft testing) – Tests the draw/draught of the chimney/flue to ensure it is operating correctly, i.e. there is enough of a draw to evacuate the combustion gases, but not too much, which would damage the appliance by over-firing.
  • Advice on the correct use and cleaning of appliances, on fuel use and on all chimney related issues.
  • Drone Chimney Surveys