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Posted By paddy

“Paddy came and swept the chimney of my rental property very promptly. On arrival he discovered that the majority of the chimney was blocked by a large bird’s nest; probably magpies or crows. He spent some time meticulously clearing the chimney of a large quantity of debris and ensured it was clear by using his CCTV equipment. I was very impressed with his work”.

Debbie Camp, Radwinter

“I was very pleased and confident in the work that Paddy did for us. He was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He replaced the large firebrick at the rear of our stove and swept the chimney beautifully. He was clean and tidy and there was no fuss! An excellent service I would recommend to others”.

Sam Bannister, Ashdon

“I would gladly recommend Paddy to anyone. He recently swept two chimneys for me. He came at a time that was good for me; he was efficient, clean and friendly. in a word, he did an excellent job for me”.

Niki McNeil, Hempstead

“A very efficient service. Friendly, professional and clean. Came at a convenient time and the job was completed with the minimum of disruption”.

Chris & Karen Porterhouse, Radwinter

“A great service from booking the appointment to completing the job. Walden Sweeps are friendly, helpful and completed a clean and efficient job. I would happily recommend them”.

Amanda Rivers, Radwinter

“I was really pleased with the way Paddy swept my chimney. He came at short notice as I had experienced a problem with smoke coming into the room from my wood-burner. He was friendly and worked quickly and cleanly, making no mess whatsoever. He even gave me a number of helpful tips around the lighting and use of my stove. Consequently, I was greatly impressed with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him to other people”.

Tyler, Ashdon