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Yeoman Devon (Flat-Top) Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Farnham

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Yeoman Devon (Flat-Top) Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Farnham

Posted By paddy

Probably one of the commonest if not the most common stoves that I sweep in the area. The Yeoman Devon Wood-Burning Stove, I recently swept this one at an address in Farnham. This model is the Flat-Top version, but they also come in a high-top version with a hood over the top of the stove, but the flat-top is the more common of the two. But this is not why I wanted to mention this stove in my blog, the point is that when I come to sweep this make of stove, I invariably find that a great deal of part burnt material (i.e., soot and tar) has collected on the top side of the baffle during the burning season. Clearly, such a build-up of part burnt products of combustion on the top of the baffle presents a fire risk. As with most stoves the manufacturers operating instructions, the stove operator is directed to remove the baffle once a month and clean these deposits off the top of the plate. I have never seen this done yet as most customers are not aware of this direction. As can bee seen in the photographs, there was a reasonable build-up of part burnt material on top of this baffle plate in Farnham.

The baffle plate in the Yeoman Devon Wood-Burning Stove is extremely easy to remove and clean. The plate is held up by two pins in the front top of the firebox that are secured in place by two roller sleeves which slide over the pins. The back of the baffle plate sits either on the top of the rear firebricks or on a little metal ledge just above the firebricks. To drop the baffle plate you simply withdraw the two roller sleeves from their pins and let the baffle plate fall forward. It can then be cleaned. To replace it you simply reverse the removal procedure. Easy!

Yeoman Stoves are now owned by stovax, but you can find them at:


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Written by paddy

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