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Termatech TT40 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Thaxted

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Termatech TT40 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Thaxted

Posted By paddy

Now here is a German make of stove that I have not come across before, a Termatech TT40 Wood-Burning Stove that I came across recently at an address in Thaxted. Its funny that it was fitted by a local stove company and was not a bespoke stove requested by the customer, but I just don’t see this make of stove around the area. Its not even that it’s a new installation as it had been in use for a number of years now and the company Termatech no longer make this model of stove. Presumably when it was fitted, this model of stove was an end of a line?

The customer is more than happy with the stove which is in a barn conversion that is a holiday let adjacent to a farm. Being a barn conversion, the stove has to heat a rather large open plan space, something guests have told the customer that it does very well. I think it is an ideal finishing touch to a holiday let. I think most people can imagine the end of a holiday day, relaxing in front of this stove with a glass of wine? The bran itself is very old and has a wealth of exposed beams, so the stove which has a very contemporary feel to it makes a nice juxtaposition with the historical setting of the barn. A most pleasing effect! The manufacturers state in the operating manual that the stove has a 5Kw output and a 79.6% efficiency rating. As the property is older that 2008 and the stove is only up to 5Kw output rating, there is no requirement for additional ventilation (Building Regulations – Approved Document J). The installer did have a tricky install, having to safely fit the flue up through the ceiling and roof, as the roof beams are positioned very close together. This was safely achieved by using a twin wall flue all the way up from the stove and out through the roof space.

Termatech are a Danish company which commenced production in 2003. The company prides itself on manufacturing high quality stoves that provide great value for money and appeal to the middle of the stove market. In addition to stoves, they manufacture a range of stove accessories and factory-made chimney components and liners; producing a range of over 2,500 stove products. The marketing blurb pronounces that “the basic philosophy behind our products, besides establishing a balance between quality and price, is to focus on design, technology, function and the environment”. They state that whilst their stoves must be appealing to the eye, they must also be environmentally friendly as well. Since 2008 Termatech has been part of the Swedish company Nibe Industria AB.


Gunnar Clausens Vej 36

DK-8260 Viby J


Email: info@termatech.com


Operating manual: file:///C:/Users/Claire/Downloads/tt40_product_range_user_manual_1_29252.pdf


Written by paddy

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