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Ornate Invicta Stove Swept in Gosfield

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Ornate Invicta Stove Swept in Gosfield

Posted By paddy

I thought I would include this Invicta Wood-Burning stove in my blog, that I recently swept in a large house in Gosfield. I thought it would be of interest as not only is it unusual and very ornate, you don’t see many Invicta stoves in the area. It is unusual as can be seen in the photo, it is in white enamel and has unusual designs on the casting. This stove installation was also unusual as it was located in a bedroom, something you don’t see a great deal of when sweeping! The room also had white carpets and white bedding, so there was a pressing need for lots of dust sheets before any sweeping took place!

I have looked on the Invictus website, https://www.invicta.fr/en/ – But have been unable to find this model, so I’m guessing that they don’t make it any more. Invictus are a French company who sell their stoves through dealerships in the UK.

Written by paddy

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