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Newport – Stovax Regency Wood-Burning Stove

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Newport – Stovax Regency Wood-Burning Stove

Posted By paddy

I do see a lot of these around the local area, even though they look very traditional and somewhat antiquated. Surprisingly these appliances are still in production. This is the Stovax Regency Wood-Burning Stove, I recently swept this example at an address in Newport. They are similar in many ways to the combination stoves that are made by other manufacturers, notably Dovre, Nordpeice and Hergom. Many people like to burn them with the doors open so that they have an open fire experience as opposed to a wood-burning stove. However, although aesthetically pleasing, I should not think that this is a very efficient way of burning fuel.

Stovax are a British company established in 1981, based in Exeter, and are the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Stovax also manufacture a number of other stove brands including Yeoman, Dovre, Nordpeis, Lotus and Varde.


Written by paddy

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