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Morso 1125 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Sewards End

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Morso 1125 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Sewards End

Posted By paddy

Now here is what I call a retro stove, the Morso 1125, this example is at an address in Sewards End where I swept recently. It is really a most unusual looking stove, part retro and dated and part space age and contemporary in style. They are now rather rare as Morso stopped making them in 1982 with many of them being sold in the USA, presumably because properties out there are much bigger and require a much larger Kw rating to heat them effectively. In fact, if parts are required for one of these big beasts then you would have to look to the US to buy them, at a very large cost. I had to replace the log retaining bar on this stove as it was broken, I therefore resorted to the blacksmith David Gowlett at Springwell Forge in Ugley who fashioned a replacement part at a very reasonable price. Although I very much like the look of this stove, the one draw back in my view is that it has no glass in the doors, so when it is in operation you can not actually see the fire in the firebox. I suppose the only answer to that is to operate the stove with the doors open, you might then be able to see the fire, but this would somewhat defeat the object of the stove, as it would not be working at optimum efficiency. All in all, a very attractive and unusual stove though!

Written by paddy

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