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Masterflamme Grande 16.9Kw Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Great Sampford

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Masterflamme Grande 16.9Kw Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Great Sampford

Posted By paddy

Now here is an unusual stove that I thought would make for an interesting blog. This new installation is the first I have seen of this brand of stove – This example is the Masterflamme Grande 16.9Kw Wood-Burning Stove. I recently swept this appliance in an old farmhouse in Great Sampford. As can be seen from the photograph, it has an unusual design, being part cylindrical but not fully. An unusual colour scheme for a stove too, in many ways it is quite dramatic and really stands out in the room. It is not easy to miss! This particular model of stove has a complex air supply system, where air is drawn into the stove and moved around it by a series of internal airpipes. This makes the stove incredibly efficient. It is my personal view that this remarkably dramatic stove looks great particularly as it is in my view situated in the right setting, a large room with both old and new décor. This particular example is located in a large sitting room in a barn conversion, so it is ideally located. There is also that nice juxtaposition of a contemporary cassette stove in an old building, that works very well, the contrast of old and new, fabulous.

Looking on the internet, Masterflame are one of three brands of the Czech stove manufacturer called HS Flamingo. HS Flamingo’s three brands are Aquaflam, Flamingo and Masterflamme. Their website tells us that: We were 22 and 33 years old, two friends from a taxi service. The older one was building a house and looking for a fireplace. He found one, but only in France. He said to the younger: “Shall we import them?”. That’s how it started. The trip was thorny, interesting, it was a challenge, a dream of a big business. We succeeded. We’re still here. The aim of our company is to create a product portfolio that, by its quality, price and complexity, will satisfy both professionals in this field and our end customers. HS Flamingo is a strong and modern company which, thanks to its experience and position on the Czech market, offers many above-standard services for both wholesale customers and its end customers.


Written by paddy

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