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Lincar 135GNV Sole Multi-Fule Cooking Range Swept in Haverhill

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Lincar 135GNV Sole Multi-Fule Cooking Range Swept in Haverhill

Posted By paddy

I just loved this cooking range so much I just had to include it in my weekly blog, and it is something a bit different from writing about wood-stoves! This is a Lincar 135GNV Sole Multi-Fule Cooking Range that I recently Swept in an address in Haverhill. Although it is a multi-fuel stove, the couple who own it only use wood to fire it up. I don’t know how apparent it is from the photograph, but on the top left-hand side of the stove is a glass window, this is actually the firebox, so when the stove is alighted you can actually see the fire in the firebox. A really nice feature, that makes this attractive little range even more attractive. The customers say that it gives off such a warm pleasant glow, that they tend to sit in the kitchen more than they use the sitting room!

Lincar, or Lincar Innovazione Del Calore to give them their full title are an Italian stove company. They make a range of appliances including pellet stoves, gas stoves, wood-burning stoves and range cookers. Their models include the Alice 480A Z, Alice 490 AZ, Alicya 531N,  Alicya 531N Canalizzata, Ariel 730N, Aurora 149A VL, Bea 702A GL, Deneris, Duchessa, Flat 501 Canalizzata,, Flat 502, Gaia 149 AV, Gaia 149AV SX, Idroboiler, Milly 515SC, Monella 184N, Monella 185 N Con Forno, Monella 940SA, Monella 176AN Plus, Morgana 740N SA, Nada, Nikita, Olga 501L Canalizzata Slim, Orione, Ravenna, and the Windy.


Lincar Innovazione Del Calore

Via Enrico Fermi 5 (Z. I. Rame),

42046 Reggiolo (RE)

T: (39)0522 972260



Written by paddy

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