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Lacunza Levante Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Newport

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Lacunza Levante Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Newport

Posted By paddy

Recently I seem to be coming across stove manufactured by companies I have never come across before, or unusual models of stoves of well-known companies. This frequently has its own challenges in learning how to dismantle a brand of stove you are not familiar with, fortunately most stoves go together in predictable ways that make it self-evident how they come apart and go back together again. I recently came across this Lacunza Levante Wood-Burning Stove at an address in Newport. I guessed wrongly from the name that the stove was an Italian make of stove, however when I got home and Googled it, I found that Lacunza are a Spanish stove company who sell their products through UK stove dealerships.

Lacunza began operations with an iron foundry in the mid 1940’s, the company is based in Alsasua, in Spain. It was in the 1960’s, the company started production of wood burning stoves. Since then, Lacunza has continued evolving as well as increasing their portfolio of products, offering their customers an extensive range. Lacunza now manufacture a huge selection of cast-iron wood burning stoves and fires, as well as wood fired range cookers.


Written by paddy

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