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Door Repair for Stovax Huntingdon 35 Multi-Fuel Stove

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Door Repair for Stovax Huntingdon 35 Multi-Fuel Stove

Posted By paddy

It is that time of year when I spend some time repairing people’s wood-burning stoves. This is obviously something best done in the spring/summer months when the stove is not in use, as it involves removing the stove doors and taking them away to be reconditioned. In this way everyone benefits; the customer does not lose the use of their stove during the cold season and I have the time to complete such repairs during the sweeping off-season. This is so much the case; I repaired five different stoves last week alone.

One of the stoves I reconditioned the door for was this Stovax Huntingdon 35 Multi-Fuel Stove. A really nice classical yet contemporary stove. It has a nice seized firebox as well as one large glass stove window. It was this piece of glass and the door ceramic rope seal that required replacing. The glass had become cracked and part of it had fallen out of the door.

As usual I sourced the glass from VetroSpec in Great Chesterford, I have not found anywhere else that is so reasonably priced and helpful. They will actually cut the glass for you whilst you wait! The proprietors Antonio & Penny Portente are ever so helpful and friendly, I would recommend them to anyone! – VetroSpec – Precision Glass Engineering, Unit 1 Park Farm, Park Road, Great Chesterford, Essex CB10 1RN – T01799531363 – Sales@vetrospec.co.uk – www.vetrospec.co.uk

I don’t think there is any dispute that the repaired door looks very good!

Written by paddy

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