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Debden – Stovax Swe 44 Wood-Burning Stove

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Debden – Stovax Swe 44 Wood-Burning Stove

Posted By paddy


I swept this stove just the other day in Debden and at first glance I thought it was a Jotul stove of a type that I had not come across before. I think it was that distinctive door handle, which is very similar to those found on many Jotul stoves. It turns out that it is actually a Stovax Swe 44 Wood-Burning Stove, a model I had never encountered before and the only one in the area that I sweep. The customer told me that it was a rather old stove and that it was installed a long time ago. I had a quick look on the internet and I couldn’t find any details for the Stovax Swe 44, so I’m thinking that it is no longer in production and probably hasn’t been manufactured for quite some time. It is probably and import from the continent as I am aware that Stovax do this with a number of different European brands, bringing them into the UK to sell over here.

Stovax are a British company established in 1981, based in Exeter, and are the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Stovax also manufacture a number of other stove brands including Yeoman, Dovre, Nordpeis, Lotus and Varde.

Written by paddy

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