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Contura 655 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Stebbing Green

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Contura 655 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Stebbing Green

Posted By paddy

Although I sweep a lot of Contura stoves, they tend to be the smaller models, however I came across this Contura 655 Wood-Burning Stove at an address in Stebbing Green the other day. As you can see from the photo it’s a rather large stove; the manufacturers state that it has a 6Kw output and a 78% efficiency rating. This installation is in a barn conversion and therefore has to heat a rather large open plan space, the customer did state emphatically that it is more than fit for this purpose and heats the room very well indeed. I don’t know if you can see on the photograph, but the stove was sited on a rather attractive stone plinth. This had a rather rough appearance but has the quality if not showing up any dust or soot and would be very hard to scratch or damage, unlike some other softer stone hearths that are easily during everyday stove use damaged. As the stove is over 6Kw rated and the barn was converted after 2008 the installers had complied with building regulations (Approved Document J), by placing an open vent in the outside wall directly behind the stove. Needless to say that the customer is more than happy with this stove, he told me how attractive it was when it was alight and how cosy it made the place, the ideal finishing touch to his barn conversion.

Contura Stoves are a Swedish company based in the town of Markaryd – Markaryd is a municipality in Kronoberg County at the southern tip of Sweden. Contura Stoves are known for their distinctive contemporary stove designs and the appliance of the most up to date stove technology.

Contura Stoves

Box 134

Skulptorvagen 10

285 23 Markaryd, Sweden


T: 046433275100


Operating Manual: https://www.contura.eu/download/18.28fd1971167380f020b439/1543496447447/iav_Contura_655_gb.pdf

Written by paddy

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