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CCTV Examination for Insurance Purposes

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CCTV Examination for Insurance Purposes

Posted By paddy

CCTV Examination for Insurance Purposes

I have recently completed a CCTV examination of a chimney in a thatched property at Cornish Hall End. The customer asked me to do this after I had swept the chimney as he was aware that this was a service that I offer and he was also aware that if he could show the insurance company that he had done this and the chimney was clear, he would get a reduction in his premium. Having power-swept the chimney to ensure it was thoroughly clean, I completed the CCTV examination. Whilst doing this I recorded the examination by video and was therefore subsequently able to supply the customer with a copy of the video, should he need to show this to the insurance company. Happily for the customer, the examination demonstrated that the flue was clean and free from any obstructions. The customer was also aware from his insurance company that as a thatched property and a regular user of his wood-burning stove, he was required to have his chimney swept at least twice a year.

Written by paddy

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