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Biomass Boiler Swept

Biomass Boiler Swept

Posted By paddy

It may be of interest to my customers to learn, that along with domestic chimney sweeping, I also industrial and commercial sweeping. Here is an example of such work; I recently swept the chimney of this large biomass boiler that is on an estate in Cambridgeshire. This biomass boiler runs by burning wood-chips, much as you would find at any garden centre. The wood chips are stored in a hopper in a very large barn like shed and are interestingly fed into the biomass boiler in the shed next-door by a large Archimedes screw. The biomass boiler is so efficient the only deposits from the burning process are a very fine, black, talcum powder like ash which automatically falls into a standard wheelie-bin. It takes over a month for the biomass boiler to fill the wheelie-bin with ash! Somebody still has to empty the wheelie-bin though! The biomass boiler chimney was seven and a half metres tall and had a diameter of 38cm; I swept it using manual rods and brushes. In addition I also had to sweep the fan housing to the chimney; I did this using my long handled sweeps brush.   

Written by paddy

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