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Another Thatched Animal Family – Mother Fox & Her cubs

Saffron Walden Sweeps Uncategorized Another Thatched Animal Family – Mother Fox & Her cubs

Another Thatched Animal Family – Mother Fox & Her cubs

Posted By paddy

Here is another family of thatched animals that I spotted in Stoke by Clare when I was out working the other day. I thought that this family grouping looks rather cute, but I should think that there are many country people who view foxes as vermin, who would not be of the same opinion. Did you know that fox cubs are born in the spring with the mother usually giving birth to between 4 to 5 cubs; the mother gives birth in a den which she rarely leaves when the cubs are young. The mother’s pregnancy lasts for fifty three days which is just a little shorter than a domestic dog. The choice of dens is very varied, and they can be above or below ground, for example, reused earths of other animals like badger sets, and unused or unoccupied buildings and garden sheds. To begin with the cubs are blind and deaf and their fur is very short and black in colour. Initially the father fox will bring food to the den to help feed the mother fox whilst she is suckling the cubs. During this time mother and cubs do not leave the den as the cubs are totally dependent upon the mother for food and warmth. After a time the mother begins to start leaving the den, progressively spending more and more time away from the cubs. After about a month the cubs begin to leave the den, exploring the local environment for short periods. It is at this time that the cubs begin to start eating solid food and are well on the way to adulthood. If you keep your eyes peeled you might be able to spot some fox cubs in the late spring.

Written by paddy

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