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A Fox in the Thatch

A Fox in the Thatch

Posted By paddy

Going on with the dog theme, here is another “thatchamal”, a fox this time. This thatched animal was on a thatched roof in Ashdon. Does this mean the residents are pro hunting with hounds or against it? I will leave that question to my customer’s imaginations! I do know that farmers and many country folk view the fox as vermin. I have heard stories, as I’m sure many of you have how when a fox gets into a hen house it will kill all the birds just for the pure enjoyment of it and not because of the need for food. The flipside of the coin is whether killing an animal by hounds is a civilized thing to do, when there are a lot more humane ways to control animal populations? Like I say I will leave these difficult issues for my customers to decide, I’m sure they will have numerous differing points of view! I do think all will agree that this example of a thatched animal is particularly handsome! There are plenty more thatched animals out there so I will make sure I keep you posted when I find them! Anticipation is everything!

Written by paddy

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