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An Unusual Thatched Family – Roadrunner Ducks?

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An Unusual Thatched Family – Roadrunner Ducks?

Posted By paddy

More thatched animals; a family example this time, a mother duck and her chicks that I noticed on a roof in Water Lane, Radwinter. I think these are roadrunner ducks, because of their long necks, but I could be wrong and stand to be corrected? If any of my customers have a view on this please do let me know as I would be interested to learn their correct taxonomy!

I must admit that I’m beginning to suspect that the majority of these thatchamals have a hunting or shooting aspect to them? All the examples I have discovered so far are of animals that are hunted or shot or associated with these field sports as in the case of the Labrador which is as everyone knows is a gun dog! Although, the fact that there is a family of small chicks might suggest otherwise, as who would want to shoot some little fluffy chicks? Not many people I would suggest? Perhaps once I have found some more examples I will be able to take a more definitive view on this point. But it would not be a surprise to find that country pursuits like hunting or shooting would be reflected in thatch in country areas. But surely the personal taste of the owners must also play a part in the decision as to what thatched animal they have on the roof of their home?

Written by paddy

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