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This is a New One to Me – Aduro Stove Swept in Toppesfield

Saffron Walden Sweeps This is a New One to Me – Aduro Stove Swept in Toppesfield

This is a New One to Me – Aduro Stove Swept in Toppesfield

Posted By paddy

This is a make of stove that I have not come across before – An Aduro Stove that I Swept in Toppesfield last weekend. This stove was located in a kitchen area and appeared to fit into its surroundings very well. The customer told me that they used it very frequently and as much as the stove they have in their sitting room. They were really pleased with how it fitted into the kitchen and how it kept it nice and warm during the winter.

Aduro are actually a Danish stove company, when I thought their company name sounded Italian as opposed to Scandinavian? Aduro develops, produces and markets wood burning and hybrid stoves in modern Danish design. For many years, we have been specialising in developing high-technology stoves with the most modern and advanced combustion principles. We do not compromise with product quality, and we always seek to combine technology and aesthetics with the end-consumer’s demand for user-friendliness. More than 400,000 Aduro stoves are installed all over Europe.

Aduro is a healthy and sound company which has delivered good results for many years, and therefore, we have been elected as a Gazelle company no less than five times. In short, the Gazelle prize honours fast-growing Danish businesses that have achieved continuous financial growth. Aduro were awarded with the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment on a national level in the category “Sustainable products and services”. The award was given for the innovative and sustainable product Aduro Hybrid. The European Business Awards for the Environment pays tribute to the most environmentally conscious companies in Europe, thus aiming to promote innovative and sustainable initiatives.