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Stuv 16-in Wood-Burning Cassette Stove Swept in Newport

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Stuv 16-in Wood-Burning Cassette Stove Swept in Newport

Posted By paddy

Here is truly a massive cassette stove which has a rather capacious firebox. This is a Stuv 16-in Wood-Burning Cassette Stove Swept that I recently swept at an address in Newport. Stuv are not a make of stove that I come across regularly and this example of a Stuv 16-in Wood-Burning Cassette Stove is the only one I sweep across the local area, so something of a rarity. As can be seen from the photograph it can accommodate a huge amount of fuel. Those logs that are stacked inside the stove were rather big, and there are quite a few of them in their and there is still a large amount of space in the firebox. I think that the log store below the stove is a nice feature and extremely labour saving. No frequent journeys to the log store outside here! I think Stuv Cassette stove looks great particularly as it is in my view situated in the right setting, a large room with both old and new decor. It is additionally in a rather large room. This particular example is located in a large sitting room in a barn conversion, so it is ideally located. There is also that nice juxtaposition of a contemporary cassette stove in an old building, that works very well, the contrast of old and new, fabulous.

 Stuv are a Belgian company with a large factory at Bois-de-Villers. They pride themselves on their innovative stove design. Their Company blurb states: Stûv applies the principles of Design Thinking to all of its activities as a way of approaching design and improvement. According to Stûv, design is a technical, aesthetic and functional solution applied to the product, so that it fully and sustainably responds to the user’s expectations. The simplicity of the end result guarantees its sustainability. Design by design, part of our DNA. Stûv has an in-house design team that gets involved in all aspects of the company’s projects.

Stuv Stoves

Rue Jules Borbouse 4, 5170 Bois-de-Villers, Belgium

T: 0423 958 294


Written by paddy

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