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Stovax Brunel Multi-Fuel Stove Swept in Hempstead

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Stovax Brunel Multi-Fuel Stove Swept in Hempstead

Posted By paddy

I have included this Stovax Brunel Multi-Fuel Stove that I recently Swept in a cottage in Hempstead, because it is such an attractive stove. The rich deep red enamel finish gives the stove a very classy, attractive finish. I do see quite a few examples of the Stovax Brunel across the local area, but they are usually in a matt black finish like most other stoves. This said I have come across examples of the Stovax Brunel in white and dark blue enamel finishes. I had thought that Stovax had stopped production of the Brunel model, but looking at the Stovax website, it would appear that they are still in production. They are described in the Stovax advertising blurb as “the heart of the home”. The customer is more than happy with the efficiency of the stove and the fact that it has the multi-fuel option so that wood and smokeless fuel can be burnt in it.

Stovax are a British company established in 1981, based in Exeter, and are the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Stovax also manufacture a number of other stove brands including Yeoman, Dovre, Nordpeis, Lotus and Varde.


Written by paddy

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