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Stoke-by-Clare – Redfyre Kensal 40 Multi-Fuel Stove

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Stoke-by-Clare – Redfyre Kensal 40 Multi-Fuel Stove

Posted By paddy

 Here is something I was very surprised to find and something of a bit of a mystery. Yes, I hear you saying, that is surely a Stovax Stockton Stove, but is it? On closer inspection there are subtle differences in manufacture, not least of this the embossed names of Redfyre and Kensal on the stove. I too was initially somewhat dumbfounded and asked the customer who and when had the stove installed. The customer told me that a stove fitting company from Bury St Edmunds that is no longer in business installed the stove over 25 years ago. So, what is going on?

Briefly, it would appear that Redfyre stoves made a model range called the Kensal, which in effect looked very much the same as the Stovax Stockton. This is because when Stovax took over the Redfyre company they simply changed the name of the Kensal range of stove models to the Stockton range. Obviously over the years they have continued to develop and make changes to this model. Today the Stockton range is one of Stovax’s most popular range.

Stovax are a British company established in 1981, based in Exeter, and are the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Stovax also manufacture a number of other stove brands including Yeoman, Dovre, Nordpeis, Lotus and Varde.



Written by paddy

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