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Six Flues Swept at the Cut Maple Show Room in New England (Part 1)

Saffron Walden Sweeps Uncategorized Six Flues Swept at the Cut Maple Show Room in New England (Part 1)

Six Flues Swept at the Cut Maple Show Room in New England (Part 1)

Posted By paddy

Recently we swept all six of the showroom flues at Cut Maple Fires and Stoves in New England near Sturmer. We do the sweeping work for this excellent company and we are always pleased to work on their fantastic installations. Needless to say they are a highly respected and totally professional company in the area. They have an absolutely fantastic show room located just the other side of Sturmer going towards Wixoe on the A1017 – Their show room is in what used to be the Little Chef, but you wouldn’t recognize it as such now! They have a fantastic array of wood-burning stoves on display a number of which are actually burning at any one time (hence the need to have their flues swept annually). As I said we swept six flues attached to six different showroom stoves, in this blog I have include photos of three of the stoves we swept: Contura 556G & i5 wood-burning stoves, and Jotul F371 wood-burning Stove.

The show room is also fantastic for ideas, for example they have some wonderfully modern metal log containers that are like artworks in themselves. They are also great for buying stove parts and accessories, these include heat resistant stove paint, ceramic rope of various dimensions and cement and fireboard for cutting bricks. As well as selling and installing stoves, they can install liners and cowls.

The show rooms are very attractive and well laid out and the staff are very helpful. There address and contact details are as follows:

Cut Maple Stove & Fire Company,

Sturmer Road,

New England,

Halstead CO9 4BB

Telephone: 01440 788788

Email: cutmaple@fireplacesetc.co.uk

Website: http://www.fireplacesetc.co.uk

Written by paddy

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