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Sewards End – Di Lusso R4 Euro Wood-Burning Stove

Saffron Walden Sweeps Uncategorized Sewards End – Di Lusso R4 Euro Wood-Burning Stove

Sewards End – Di Lusso R4 Euro Wood-Burning Stove

Posted By paddy

I recently swept this Di Lusso R4 Euro Wood-Burning Stove at an address in Sewards End, near Saffron Walden,  and it is the first time had come across this brand of stoves and I was intrigued to find out more about them. I thought it looked like a very neat, tidy contemporary stove and found that it was relatively easy to disassemble for sweeping, and to put back together again. The customer assured me that the stoves performance was very good and that it was used almost every day of the burning season.

Looking at the stove’s contemporary appearance, its compact styling and its Italian sounding company name, I thought that it would be made by a continental stove manufacturer, in particular an Italian stove company. However, a web search showed me just how wrong I could be, when I discovered that the Di Lusso stove range is manufactured and sold by the Hunter Stoves Group here in the UK. In view of this fact and the stove’s handsome appearance and excellent performance, I’m sure I will be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Particularly as there are a number of different models in the Di Lusso range, the R4, R5 and the R6. These all come as freestanding models and as inset variants, and the R6 comes as the Cube Arco and the Cube Quatro.

Hunter stoves Head Office is in Exeter, like many other stove manufacturers who are also based in the West Country.

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Written by paddy

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