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Saey Blenheim 12Kw Multi-Fuel Stove Swept in Kedington  

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Saey Blenheim 12Kw Multi-Fuel Stove Swept in Kedington  

Posted By paddy

Here is a stove that I thought that it would be well worth focusing my weekly blog on, a Saey Blenheim 12Kw Multi-Fuel Stove that I recently Swept at an address in Kedington. Up until the day I turned up at the address I had never even heard of Saey stoves, let alone worked on one, so it is a real rarity. As it turned out it was rather straight forward and practically constructed stove to work on, with the internal workings being very straight forward to dismantle and put back together. As can be seen in the photographs it is a rather decorative, ornate stove in a traditional style that is not unpleasing to the eye. The stove is situated in the sitting room of a very old, draughty property, yet the customer stated that even on the coldest of winter days the stove warmed the room very nicely.

Saey still make stoves and have quite an extensive range of wood-burning appliances, including the Duo, Fura, Qurve, the 92, Cucina 92, Evo 94, Gustav, Peak & Peak S, Scope and Scope XL and Qube 6 and 8. Saey are a Belgian company based in the town of Oudenaarde. Saey’s website tells us a little about the company: The company is born in 1907 when Omer Saey becomes co-owner of a metal stove and trade. It’s also the basis of a growing family business, which debuted in 1976 with its first stove design. It will be a true success in the eighties throughout the Benelux. Today, the fourth generation SAEY looks back on a flourishing history of over 100 years. Saey has become a strong player that offers its customers a wide range of user-friendly and durable stoves and fireplaces.

Saey Stoves/Belgofire NV

Industriepark de Bruwaan

9700 Oudenaarde


T: 0546865808



Written by paddy

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