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Radwinter – Nobel Cooking Range

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Radwinter – Nobel Cooking Range

Posted By paddy

 Well, I have not seen one of these before, it looks like an Aga or a Rayburn cooking range, but it is actually a Nobel Cooking Range. I have just never heard of this manufacturer/brand before! Recently swept this example in blue enamel at an address in Radwinter. I had a quick look on the internet, but I couldn’t find any details for Nobel range cookers, so I’m thinking that it is no longer in production and probably hasn’t been manufactured for quite some time. I did find plenty of photos of them and plenty of adverts for people attempting to sell one. There was even one advert offering one for free, provided you came and collected it yourself and took it away. I should think they must weigh quite a bit and you would require a few people to move one. This was a solid fuel example, which is a rarity these days as most range cookers are gas or oil fired or have been converted to use these fuels. I think, like me that it is an attractive little range, and as the customer stated, it is an excellent source of heat on a cold winters day.

Written by paddy

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