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Morso Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stoves

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Morso Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stoves

Posted By paddy

Todays blog is all about the Morso Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stove as I see so many of the on my travels around the Saffron Walden area. The one pictured is in an address in Saffron Walden, but I do see them everywhere, for example have customers with in Littlebury, Great Chesterford, Elmdon, Newport, Castle Camps, Clare, West Wratting and Cavendish to name just a few.  

Morso who are a Danish company, have a long history having been making stoves since 1853. They make stoves by appointment to the Royal Family of Denmark. I suspect from my customers that Morso have been making the Squirrel model for a very long time as many of the stoves I sweep are rather old. Having said this, customers report that they all still work very efficiently. Indeed, Morso make many different versions of the Squirrel model from the 1410 right up to the 1446 and including the 1442 Royal edition. These versions are all variations on a theme and all have the attractive embossed Squirrel on the side of the casting. Many of the Squirrels are Multi-Fuel versions, however some are purely wood-burning stoves.

In the last week I swept a Morso Squirrel 1412 Multi-Fuel Stove at an address in Haverhill. This version of the Squirrel is unusual as it has an additional component in the stove, a smoke hood. This smoke hood is a roughly semicircular cowl which fits into the roof of the stove above the baffle. It is removed and refitted it by twisting it. So when removing it is twisted anti-clockwise with the right hand hood lug emerging from the rear retaining bracket in the roof of the stove and the left hand hood lug emerging from the front of its retaining bracket. To refit the hood the opposite procedure is adopted, twisting the hood clockwise. Having not seen one of these smoke hoods before I contacted Morso Technical Department 01788554410 – Tony at Morso Technical told me that the smoke hood had been added to the stoves because an environmental requirement for the Norwegian market because of emissions rules in that country. It had been expected that the smoke hood would improve the performance of the stove and reduce emissions, when it actually did the opposite reducing the performance of the stove by reducing the draw of the flue. Some of these stoves have been introduced into the UK market and it was Tony’s advice to discard this unnecessary component and this would actually improve the performance of the stove.

Morso Squirrel in a house in saffron Walden

Written by paddy

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