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Invicta Ove Wood-Burning Stove in Wicken Bonhunt

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Invicta Ove Wood-Burning Stove in Wicken Bonhunt

Posted By paddy

I recently swept the flue to this rather space-age Invicta Ove Wood-Burning Stove in an address in Wicken Bonhunt. I think it is a fabulously shaped stove; it has a massive 10 Kw firebox. The stove was positioned in a very large room with a very high ceiling, yet the customer told me that within a very short time of lighting the stove the room gets rather warm and cozy.

Invicta are a French Company and as their Website states: Invicta specializes in individual wood-burning heaters, developing innovative wood and pellet stoves at affordable prices. Established in France’s Champagne-Ardenne region since 1924, the Invicta foundry and enameling company is renowned for its craftsmanship. Its cast-iron (laminar) wood-burning heating units are made in France (certified Origine France Garantie), and nearly all of them bear the Flamme Verte environmental label. When you choose Invicta, you are choosing an economical, high-performing stove or fireplace insert with a one-of-a-kind design! Enjoy the charm and comfort of wood heat, the #1 renewable energy source in France, and transform your interior decor by introducing a modern heating unit with a contemporary, designer look that you’ll be proud to display.

Written by paddy

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