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Installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Posted By paddy

Something I do rather a lot of is fitting carbon monoxide alarms. Unfortunately, I find that many people are simply not aware of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide and consequently do not have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the room where they regularly use a solid fuel appliance. This is highly dangerous as carbon monoxide is a killer, often referred to as ‘the silent killer in the home’. It is a little known fact that up to 50 people die annually in the UK from carbon monoxide poisoning and that numerous people attend hospital A & E units everyday with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Checkout http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/625807/Silent-home-killer-NHS-reveals-actual-dangers

Building regulations (Document J – Combustion Appliances and fuel storage systems, Building Regulations 2010), now stipulate that all new or replacement installations of a solid fuel appliance have to be accompanied by the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm. The alarm should be fitted in the same room as the appliance, between one to three meters horizontally from the appliance, on the ceiling at least 300mm from any wall or, if it is located on a wall, as high up as possible (above any doors and windows), but not within 150mm of the ceiling.

I supply and fit the Fireangel carbon monoxide alarms which is recommended by Which Magazine, I do this at a cost of £30. A small price to pay to keep you and yours alive.

Written by paddy

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