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Hwam 4640 Wood-Burning Stove Swept

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Hwam 4640 Wood-Burning Stove Swept

Posted By paddy

I swept this fantastic Hwam 4640 Wood-Burning Stove in the Haverhill area only yesterday, but thought it so worthy of comment I have included it in this week’s blog. I have not come across this make of stove previously, so it was quite exciting and interesting to see. One of the key features of this stove is the soapstone top, which is not only an attractive feature of the stove but acts as a massive radiator when the stove is in operation. As can also be seen, the stove has a huge firebox, so must push out a terrific amount of heat when lit and has a large stove glass so the fire will be visible, a most attractive feature.

Hwam are a Danish company who have been making high quality stoves for over 40 years. They have a huge range of contemporary and cassette stoves, which can be viewed on their web site. They produce stoves under two brand names Hwam and Wiking. They were formally known as ABC stoves, but have undergone a rebranding in recent times.

Hwam A/S

Nydamsvej 53

DK-8362 Horning





Written by paddy

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