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Hadstock – Arizona AO8E 8Kw Multi-Fuel Stove

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Hadstock – Arizona AO8E 8Kw Multi-Fuel Stove

Posted By paddy

I know that this is not the most interesting looking stove in the world, but I had to include it in my blog as I had just not seen one of these before, it’s an Arizona AO8E 8Kw Multi-Fuel Stove. I recently swept this example in an address in Hadstock and had to ask the customer what it was, because I simply had not come across one before! From what I could find out on the internet, the company are based in Lisburn in Ireland and distribute stove throughout the UK. They make a number of different stove models including the Oregon, the Newark, the Kansas, the Nevada, the Montana and the Denver. The customer told me that he had sourced the stove himself and had bought it from a site on the internet for a very reasonable price.

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