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Goodwood Stove in a Holiday Home in Italy

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Goodwood Stove in a Holiday Home in Italy

Posted By paddy

Recently, a chap who had been reading my weekly blog sent me these photos of his Goodwood Stove in the holiday home that he had recently bought in Italy. You might remember that some time ago now I posted a blog about a Goodwood Stove that I had come across in a farmhouse in the Hempstead area. Since that time, I have been contacted by a number of people, including a couple of chimney sweeps, from all over the UK who have come across these stoves, many of which are still in operation. Although a number of them have been from the north of England. But certainly, Italy is a first! The owner had been cleaning the stove up and repainting it but was after finding out how to source a new grate as his old one had a hole burnt through it! I’m not so sure about the flexible steel liner (painted black) being attached straight on to the flue collar of the stove, this really should be a stove pipe up to a register plate. As can be seen in the photo it also has an old-fashioned flue damper, which is no longer standard in this country. I’m guessing that the Building Regulations in Italy are not as tight as they are here?

My previous internet search found that the Interoven company who made the Goodwood Stove ceased trading some time ago. There are some interesting historical adverts for the company dating from Victorian and Edwardian times right through to the 1950’s, but nothing after that. These advertisements are worth a look, just to see how quirky they are and for their historical interest! With straplines like “the original not a pirate” and “how to reduce gas and coal bills, a heating miracle”. Check out Graces Guide to British Industrial History – https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Interoven_Stove_Co


Written by paddy

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