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Contura 520T Style Soapstone Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Berden

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Contura 520T Style Soapstone Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Berden

Posted By paddy


Although I sweep many Contura Stoves, particularly as they are one of the ranges installed by Cut Maple Fires and Stoves from Sturmer: https://www.fireplacesetc.co.uk/ for whom I do a lot of sweeping work, I have not come across many of the Soapstone models. I recently came across this Contura 520T Style Soapstone Wood-Burning Stove at an address in Berden. As you can see from the photos, it is a very attractive contemporary appearance. Contura explain on their website what the advantages of a soapstone stove are and how they work: “Soapstone stoves produce and store heat at maximum output. The soapstone stoves have, as well as their natural good looks, the ability to retain heat over a long period and heat is produced at a comfortable and even level”. So, the advantage of a soapstone model is that they work more efficiently and effectively by storing heat in the soapstone and releasing it gradually. I should think that this not only saves on fuel use making the stove more environmentally friendly, but also makes any heat in the room more even and comfortable.

Contura Stoves are a Swedish company based in the town of Markaryd – Markaryd is a municipality in Kronoberg County at the southern tip of Sweden. Contura Stoves are known for their distinctive contemporary stove designs and the appliance of the most up to date stove technology.


Contura Stoves

Box 134

Skulptorvagen 10

285 23 Markaryd, Sweden

T: 046433275100


Written by paddy

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