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Cat & Mouse Thatch in Ashdon

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Cat & Mouse Thatch in Ashdon

Posted By paddy

I realized this week that I had not had a thatched animal blog for some time when I saw on the roof of a house we were working in this thatched cat and mouse. Yes, the people living in the house did have a cat! I have seen thatched cats on rooves before, but not a cat and a mouse before.

Here is a famous Cat and mouse poem by Ted Hughes


Cat and Mouse

On the sheep-cropped summit, under hot sun,

The mouse crouched, staring out the chance

It dared not take.

Time and a world

Too old to alter, the five mile prospect—

Woods, villages, farms hummed its heat-heavy

Stupor of life.

Whether to two

Feet or four, how are prayers contracted!

Whether in God’s eye or the eye of a cat.

Written by paddy

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