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Bardfield End Green – Barbas Falcon 66-56 Wood-Burning Stove

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Bardfield End Green – Barbas Falcon 66-56 Wood-Burning Stove

Posted By paddy


In recent weeks my blog has mentioned a number of large stoves, so here is another monster stove; this is a Barbas Falcon 66-56 Wood-Burning Stove. I swept this example recently at an address in Bardfield End Green. As can be seen from the photo it is a rather large stove that when it is in operation kicks out a huge amount of heat – According to the customer that is. Like all Barbas stoves, it has a complex series of baffles that have to be removed prior to sweeping. This makes the job somewhat tricky and a little more time consuming than the average job, but that is all in a busy chimney sweeps working day! I like this stove and imagine that it is rather attractive when alight, however I can’t help thinking that when it is not working, it looks rather like a big fish tank?

Barbas Bellfire are based in Holland and Belgium, they employ over 160 staff and produce 120 different models of stove. So, they are a large concern on the continent and have been manufacturing stoves since 1976. They manufacture wood-burning stoves as well as gas fires. Some of their wood-burning stove models include the Evolux 100-45 range, and the Box range. The box is what it says on the tin a box stove in various sizes.

Barbas Bellfire

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T: (0)49 733 9200

E: info@barbasbellfires.com

Written by paddy

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