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An Attractive Stove Swept in Weathersfield

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An Attractive Stove Swept in Weathersfield

Posted By paddy

I recently swept the flue of this rather attractive wood-burning stove in a house in Weathersfield. I’m not actually sure what make of stove it is? Perhaps if any of you out there in the ‘Blogosphere’ know the make and model please do let me know! 





I also cleaned the glass in the stove which had become very badly tared up. The secret to not taring up your stove glass is to always burn the stove hot which will keep the glass nice and clear. Never close-down completely the primary air controls of your stove as this will lead to incomplete combustion and taring of the glass and your flue lining; this can also lead to a risk of tar blockages forming and potentially a chimney fire. With the controls open and plenty of oxygen going into the stove the glass will automatically self-clean and stay nice and clear.

Written by paddy

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