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A Very Dirty Chimney Swept

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A Very Dirty Chimney Swept

Posted By paddy

I swept this chimney last week and was horrified to see the quantity of material that was extracted; I won’t mention were this was for obvious reasons. But as can be seen from the photograph, it was extremely dirty. The chimney was constructed of clay liners and was just under 8 meters tall, making the amount of the quantity of material removed all the more surprising. The customer told me that as far as they could remember it was around 10 years since it had been swept. To be honest I could not understand how they had not had a chimney fire. Still it comes as no surprise how some customers are prepared to take the risk of burning their house down for the want and small expense of sweeping their chimney once a year! Incredible! Some customers seem to be totally resistant to being educated upon this point through persuasion. I suppose with some people it will take a chimney fire before they are brought to their senses, and that I’m afraid might be just too late! Enough said, here endeth the sermon for today!

Oh no I just don’t believe it!

Written by paddy

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