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A Little Bit of Cat and Mouse

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A Little Bit of Cat and Mouse

Posted By paddy

Time for another thatched animal I feel and something to cheer everyone up in the middle of this dark December. This one certainly made me smile, with the little mouse being chased by the cat, echoes of ‘Tom and Jerry’ I feel here. Certainly the owner of this thatched cottage must have a lively sense of humor?

Why do cats, chase mice, is it just a natural predatory instinct on the behalf of the cat? Or are mice just one of life’s victims or do they just like the sport of running away? According to the Inter-web/Google “Cats chase mice to fulfill their instincts, as felines are natural predators and hunters whose vision is developed to see moving objects much better than stationary things”. And apparently; “within small which limits the possibility of counterattack (the expression ‘fight like a cornered rat’ is based on reality) and unlike birds, mice can’t escape by flying off. So it is not surprising that cats like to hunt mice; for a cat-hunting is a survival instinct”.

Further to all this scientific speculation, cats allegedly bring back slaughtered and alive gifts back to their owners because in the wild, cat mothers teach their young how to eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey.

All very interesting I think you will agree?

Written by paddy

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