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A Further Pupdate by Popular Demand

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A Further Pupdate by Popular Demand

Posted By paddy

These updates seem to be some of the most popular blogs that I have posted, much more popular it seems that Chimney sweeping anecdotes it would seem!

Everyone I’m sure will be pleased to learn that all four pups are doing well and thriving! They are now just over five weeks old; they have now all been registered with the Kennel Club and Micro-chipped. The weening process has started; they were introduced to solid puppy food over a week ago now and they have taken to it very well, regularly eating all their solid food in typical puppy fashion! Not like a spaniel to eat everything in sight whether they are hungry or not! The positive weening progress is good from the point of view of the mum Millie as she is having to feed the pups a lot less. Poor Millie was getting a bit tiered and sore from all the feeding she was having to do. It’s not surprising that she was getting a bit fed up of the pups feeding on her all the time, as they all now have very sharp little claws and teeth!

The new prospective owners of three of the pups came to see them and select which pups they were going to have. We had already selected Roger as the dog we were going to keep. The new owners were all very pleased with the progress the pups are making, and how rapidly they were growing and putting on size. They also each decided to give them their new names that they will be having. Pip will be Rosie, Widdle will be Arnie and Stanley will be Edgar, apparently after Edgar J. Hoover. They are the owners of Frank the sire dog, and of course Franks full name is Franklin D. Roosevelt! In just a few more weeks they will be leaving us and going on to their new homes (just eight weeks from birth).

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed the photos of the pups and this update on their progress? Hopefully I will post another update before they start leaving home.

Written by paddy

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