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A Fine Collection of Nails

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A Fine Collection of Nails

Posted By paddy

I recently swept this contemporary cylindrical wood-burning stove at an address in Debden Green. I thought the picture was of interest because of the amount of ironmongery that I found in the bottom of the stove. These consisted mostly of assorted nails of differing shapes and sizes, staples, clips and nuts and bolts. I understand from the customer that he had been breaking up old pallets and exclusively burning them. I gently suggested that this was not the best of ideas because of the type of deposits that burning such wood would leave in his chimney, i.e. poor-quality resinous wood leading to fire risk deposits. I suggested that if he wished to continue burning old pallets he might use it more sparingly and mix it with hard wood logs. Of course, the best course of action would be not to burn old pallets in the first place! I removed the nails from the stove using one of my industrial magnets; a quick and easy way to get them out of the stove. There was so many of them, they eventually filled half a large trugg.

Written by paddy

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