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Stovax Studio Wood-Burning Stoves swept across the area

Posted By paddy

I sweep a number of these Stovax Studio Wood-Burning stoves across the area that I cover, and I think that you will admit that they definitely fall into the category of unusual stoves. They have a very contemporary appearance, so lend them selves to very modern contemporary homes, but the also make a nice juxtaposition when installed in an older property. I often joke with those customers who have studio stoves, that if the ever get fed up using it as a stove they could always use it as a fish tank and start keeping tropical fish! Seriously though, I actually like these stoves, they are very stylish and contemporary in appearance and they certainly show off the fire in the firebox once they are alight. The customers report that they are also very efficient and deliver a great deal of warmth when they are in operation.

Stovax make the Studio model as a freestanding stove or as a cassette stove and it comes in four sizes of the model, The Studio1, Studio 2, Studio 3 and Studio 500. Stovax state in their sales blurb: The Studio Freestanding range has been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen wood burning flame visuals complemented by an extensive array of frames and styling options. The pure, simplistic form of the Studio stove range belies the high levels of engineering and technical innovation that keeps this range not only at the forefront of twenty first century fire design, but also exceptional performance and controllability.


Stovax are a British company established in 1981, based in Exeter, and are the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK. Stovax also manufacture a number of other stove brands including Yeoman, Dovre, Nordpeis, Lotus and Varde.


Mendip The Woodland Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Royston

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To be honest I don’t get to see many Mendip stoves, and other than one example I sweep in Arkesden, those that I do see I find in and around the Royston area. I’m guessing that there is an installer in the area that supplies and fits Mendip Stoves. Whilst I do see a number of examples of the Mendip Loxton and Churchill stoves, this is the first time I have come across an example of the Mendip Woodland range of stoves. This one is the Woodland, but they also do the Woodland Large, the Woodland convector plus and variations with a log-store below the stove. The full range of Mendip Stoves includes: The Christon, Ashcott. Loxton, Churchill, double sided and Insets. Those that I have come across I have found to be rather complex with multiple baffles which are tricky to dismantle. Some the great has to be removed and components unbolted before the flue can be accessed. They obviously don’t think of the poor old sweep when designing their stoves, they are however very efficient at what they do.

Mendip’s internet blurb states: Mendip Stoves is a family business with our roots set firmly based in Somerset; we have been established since 2008 manufacturing quality wood and multi-fuel stoves. Our combined experience in the stove industry and knowledge of the European stove market enables us to manufacture exceptional appliances designed for the UK Market.

We only sell Mendip stoves through a specially selected group of retailers who are committed to wood burning, respected for their knowledge of freestanding and inset stoves. Each retailer can assess your requirements and recommend a stove that will suit your need and lifestyle. Most provide a complete supply and fit service for peace of mind.

Mendip Stoves is a family business with our roots set firmly based in Somerset; we have been established since 2008 manufacturing quality wood and multi-fuel stoves. Our combined experience in the stove industry and knowledge of the European stove market enables us to manufacture exceptional appliances designed for the UK Market.

We only sell Mendip stoves through a specially selected group of retailers who are committed to wood burning, respected for their knowledge of freestanding and inset stoves. Each retailer can assess your requirements and recommend a stove that will suit your need and lifestyle. Most provide a complete supply and fit service for peace of mind.

Unit H1
Mendip Industrial Estate
Mendip Road
BS26 2UG





Parkray Aspect 5 Wood-Burning Stove swept in Haverhill

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No not an unusual or rare kind of stove, so why have I included it in my weekly blog? The answer is simple and straight forward, it’s because it’s a stove I really like the look of. It has a large piece of glass in the door, so you can really see the fire when the stove is in operation and which I think gives it a very attractive, contemporary appearance. Parkray Aspect 5 Wood-Burning Stove has a 5Kw rating, so when fitted into a home built prior to 2008 it does not require any additional ventilation, making for an easier installation. I see a lot of these stoves in the area, primarily because it is one of the make/model of stoves fitted by Cut Maple Stoves who are based just down the road in New England, Sturma.

Parkray are now part of the Hunter group of stove manufactures. Hunter Stoves were founded in the West Country in 1970 and now manufacture their stoves at a site near Exeter. Hunter bought the Parkray company in 2003 and absorbed the brand into its product range. In 2008 Hunter Stoves bought a site a Camelford in Cornwall as a research and development department, but they now produce some stoves there as well. In 2015 the company rebranded as the Hunter Stoves Group and now produce such brands as; HeraldHS GasDi Lusso, AvalonCleanburnEco-ideal and Parkray.

Hunter Stoves Limited
8 Emperor Way, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, EX1 3QS


One of my Favourite Sweeps – Farley Green

Posted By paddy

Something light and different for the New Year in this week’s blog! Not a stove, unusual or otherwise this week for this week’s blog, but something of a change. I thought this week I would post a photo of one of my favourite sweeps an address at Farley Green in Suffolk. I love this location; the fantastic old farmhouse is set in beautiful rolling Suffolk countryside. The farmhouse, which was modernized in Georgian times, is consequently punctuated by a large number of beautiful sash windows. The house is therefore very light and airy inside as all these Georgian windows just let the light flood in. The house has a fantastic comfortable, warm and homely feel to it, a very happy place!

The house has two Dean Forge stoves to sweep that were fitted a while ago by Cut Maple Stoves and Fireplaces. Both the stoves are Dean Forge Croft Clearburn Silimline 5’s, so they are nice and easy to work on and service and can be effectively swept by using a large Viper. The customers were very pleased with the service they received from Cut Maple Stoves, they use both the stoves throughout the winter and believe that they had the best advice available in choosing them. They say that they would recommend Cut Maple Stoves and Fireplaces to anyone.

Cut Maple Stoves have a showroom at New England near Sturmer/Haverhill which is well worth a visit for anyone thinking of having a stove. The show room is also fantastic for ideas, for example they have some wonderfully modern metal log containers that are like artworks in themselves. They are also great for buying stove parts and accessories, these include heat resistant stove paint, ceramic rope of various dimensions and cement and fireboard for cutting bricks. As well as selling and installing stoves, they can install liners and cowls.

The show rooms are very attractive and well laid out and the staff are very helpful. There address and contact details are as follows:

Cut Maple Stove & Fire Company,

Sturmer Road,

New England,

Halstead CO9 4BB

Telephone: 01440 788788

Email: cutmaple@fireplacesetc.co.uk

Website: http://www.fireplacesetc.co.uk

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas  

Posted By paddy

Both Claire and I at Walden Sweeps wish all our friends and customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Jotul NR-4 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Debden

Posted By paddy

I just had to include this stove in my blog, as it is just so unusual, as the customer put it, ‘it is always a real talking point’! The customer had recently moved to the address in Debden from the East Suffolk area. He said that one of the main selling points of the house had been this unusual stove. As you can see it is a Jotul NR-4 Wood-Burning Stove, and which has a very retro appearance, which I suppose is not to everyone’s taste. The customer told me that he had read somewhere that the Jotul NR-4 is modeled on the monolithic statues found on Easter Island. The statues that Eric Von Daniken thought that aliens had visited the earth in ancient times in his book ‘Chariots of the Gods’. Looking at the stove I can see the resemblance now that the customer had mentioned it, the large flat nose and heavy brow ridges! Can you see the likeness too?

I could not find much information about these Jotul NR-4 stoves on the internet and they do not feature in the current Jotul stove range, so I’m guessing that they are no longer in production. I did see one for sale on EBay for just £525, a bargain I would say for such an unusual retro stove.

Jotul are a Norweigan company and have been making stoves and fireplaces for over 160 years. Jotul are proud of their global status, selling their products in 43 different countries spread over six continents – Truly a global brand!

Jøtul was founded by Oluf Onsum as Kværner Jernstøberi (Kværner Foundry) in the outskirts of Christiania (now Oslo) in 1853. While stoves initially were the main products, the company had diversified by the beginning of the 20th century, when it produced turbines and lumber equipment.

As the heating appliance manufacture decreased in importance, the production was spun off in 1916 and sold to Herman Anker, one of Kværner’s managers. He founded Jøtul AS in 1920 as a sales organization for its products. The sales stagnated during the depression in the 1920s, and 36-year-old Herman Anker died in 1927, leaving it to his successor, 34-year-old Johannes Gahr to modernize and eventually salvage the company. By 1935, the turnaround had succeeded, and the firm acquired its modern name.

By the 1960s, stoves using liquid fuels, especially kerosene had supplanted wood-burning appliances, a trend that was only reversed in the 1970s, partly due to the 1973 oil crisis. Jøtul used this opportunity to gain a strong international foothold and drastically increased its exports to continental Europe and North America.

The Gahr family sold the business to Norcem in 1977, and a period of international expansion began, as Jøtul acquired a number of foundries and importers abroad. This period lasted for approximately ten years, but came to an end during the recession in the late 1980s, when Jøtul once again focussed on the domestic market. However, it has resumed its international diversification in the 21st century, and today its products are sold worldwide.

In March 2018, Jøtul was acquired by the global private equity firm OpenGate Capital. Along with management, OpenGate has crafted a plan to boost performance and eliminate inefficiencies in Jøtul’s operations. In addition, OpenGate Capital is actively searching for add-on targets to further drive Jøtul’s growth. In November 2018, OpenGate and Jøtul completed the add-on acquisition of AICO, an Italian and French based pellet-burning stove leader.



Matching the Chimney – Morso 06 Stove pipe in Cardinals Green

Posted By paddy

Not every stove installation is an easy and straightforward affair. Here is an example that I came across at an address in Cardinals Green recently. Here in order to match the fireplace opening to the chimney the installer has had to use anything but a vertical stove pipe. As you can see the stove pipe in this example has had to adopt a 45 degrees diagonal turn to access the chimney. I would not say that it is the most attractive of installations, but I suppose that its better this than no stove at all and I’m also thinking that once it’s had been installed a person would get used to it and not notice its strange appearance? Certainly, the customer was very pleased with the stove and reported using it every night of the winter.

I must admit that the Morso 06 is not a stove I come across frequently, in fact I only sweep one other example of this model in the area. Whilst I sweep many smaller Morso stoves, particularly the Squirrel, the Badger, and the 03 and 04. What is certain, whatever the size of the Morso stoves all my customers who have one really rate their performance and their appearance and would not swap them for a different stove. As in the case of this Morso 06, the customer told me that it warms the room fantastically well and is very efficient and economic in the fuel it uses.

Morso are a Danish stove company who have been making metal consumer goods since 1953. It was Neils Christensen who founded the Morson Foundry making all sorts of products including metal stable windows, tools, pots and pans and even grave crosses. Around the turn of the century Morso began to start making tiled stoves and room heaters for schools, churches, railways, government ministries and even to the Danish Royal Family. Indeed, so successful where they, that in 1915 they became the official purveyor of stoves to the Danish Royal Family. Its was in the 1950 when tiled stoves became obsolete that Morso began producing Wood-burning Stoves.


Morso Stoves UK

Unit 14B, Davy Court, Castle Mount Way, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0UZ



Aga Cooking Range Swept in Waltham Cross near Finchingfield

Posted By paddy

It is surprising to find that many people don’t think that their Aga cooking ranges require sweeping. I suppose that it is not that surprising when I meet people all the time that think their wood-burning stove doesn’t require sweeping. I hear comments such as “it’s a sealed system so doesn’t require sweeping”, or “It’s lined and is a modern installation” . . .  Like that makes any difference! I find it is an up-hill battle educating some people around the risks arising from not sweeping the chimneys of their appliances. So, with regards cooking ranges, this includes all cooking ranges including Rayburns and Esse and others that are burning solid fuel, oil or gas. If they are burning these fuels and are open flues, i.e., they have a chimney, they will require sweeping. Unsurprisingly I do sweep a lot of cooking ranges across the area. Admittedly, many ranges don’t require the same frequency of sweeping as wood-burning stoves and open fires, particularly oil and gas appliance. What I suggest that my customers do is to ensure that the service engineer smoke tests the appliance at the end of the service. In this way they can check the draw of the chimney and if it is not satisfactory the customer can call in the sweep to clean the chimney.

I took this photograph of an Aga Cooking Range I swept recently at an address in Waltham Cross near Finchingfield. I was interested in putting this appliance in my blog as you can see from the photo it is rather an old range, that the customer has had renovated and restored to pristine condition. The customer said that he believed that this model of Aga dates from the late 1940’s. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it is certainly an impressive range and a prominent, attractive feature in any kitchen.

The Aga range has had a long an interesting history, I found the following on the internet: he AGA cooker wasn’t conceived in a research facility. It was dreamed up in a kitchen. Its inventor, Dr Gustaf Dalén, was a Swedish physicist blinded in a terrible accident. In 1922 he was convalescing at home when he realised his wife was using a range that was dangerous, dirty and exceptionally time consuming.  He wanted to create a cooker that was instead clean, economical to run, easy to use and which produced great food with the minimum fuss. In doing so, he invented a cooker that changed the lives of cooks the world over. The AGA was an immediate success and came to Britain in 1929. It has been at home ever since.

It was during the 1930s that Britain’s love affair with the AGA really took hold. A key player in this success was David Ogilvy, who went on to found the leading advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. While at AGA he wrote The Theory and Practice of Selling an AGA Cooker, which has been described by Fortune magazine as ‘the finest instruction manual ever written’. Amongst his gems of advice, Ogilvy suggests that a successful salesman combine ‘the tenacity of a bulldog with the manners of a spaniel’.

During the war years the AGA played its part. The British government placed orders for AGA cookers for munitions works, communal feeding centres and hospitals. Demand rose steeply from families too and the waiting period for a new cooker was more than six months.

In 1947 the company began manufacturing its cookers in Shropshire, where they are still made today.

For 34 years, the AGA had been available only in cream, but in 1956 all that changed. The introduction of the new AGA De Luxe models in pale blue, pale green, grey and white proved hugely popular with AGA lovers. It was around the same time that the famous AGA chrome-plated lid domes were introduced.

The 1960s saw the first iconic black AGA lozenge logo, which is still used today. But the changes introduced during this time weren’t just cosmetic – solid fuel was falling out of fashion as people wanted cleaner, more convenient energy sources. This led to the launch of oil and gas-fired AGA cookers. The 1970s saw the launch of further new colours, including black, which still proves hugely popular today.


Termatech TT40 Wood-Burning Stove Swept in Thaxted

Posted By paddy

Now here is a German make of stove that I have not come across before, a Termatech TT40 Wood-Burning Stove that I came across recently at an address in Thaxted. Its funny that it was fitted by a local stove company and was not a bespoke stove requested by the customer, but I just don’t see this make of stove around the area. Its not even that it’s a new installation as it had been in use for a number of years now and the company Termatech no longer make this model of stove. Presumably when it was fitted, this model of stove was an end of a line?

The customer is more than happy with the stove which is in a barn conversion that is a holiday let adjacent to a farm. Being a barn conversion, the stove has to heat a rather large open plan space, something guests have told the customer that it does very well. I think it is an ideal finishing touch to a holiday let. I think most people can imagine the end of a holiday day, relaxing in front of this stove with a glass of wine? The bran itself is very old and has a wealth of exposed beams, so the stove which has a very contemporary feel to it makes a nice juxtaposition with the historical setting of the barn. A most pleasing effect! The manufacturers state in the operating manual that the stove has a 5Kw output and a 79.6% efficiency rating. As the property is older that 2008 and the stove is only up to 5Kw output rating, there is no requirement for additional ventilation (Building Regulations – Approved Document J). The installer did have a tricky install, having to safely fit the flue up through the ceiling and roof, as the roof beams are positioned very close together. This was safely achieved by using a twin wall flue all the way up from the stove and out through the roof space.

Termatech are a Danish company which commenced production in 2003. The company prides itself on manufacturing high quality stoves that provide great value for money and appeal to the middle of the stove market. In addition to stoves, they manufacture a range of stove accessories and factory-made chimney components and liners; producing a range of over 2,500 stove products. The marketing blurb pronounces that “the basic philosophy behind our products, besides establishing a balance between quality and price, is to focus on design, technology, function and the environment”. They state that whilst their stoves must be appealing to the eye, they must also be environmentally friendly as well. Since 2008 Termatech has been part of the Swedish company Nibe Industria AB.


Gunnar Clausens Vej 36

DK-8260 Viby J


Email: info@termatech.com


Operating manual: file:///C:/Users/Claire/Downloads/tt40_product_range_user_manual_1_29252.pdf


Cat & Mouse Thatch in Ashdon

Posted By paddy

I realized this week that I had not had a thatched animal blog for some time when I saw on the roof of a house we were working in this thatched cat and mouse. Yes, the people living in the house did have a cat! I have seen thatched cats on rooves before, but not a cat and a mouse before.

Here is a famous Cat and mouse poem by Ted Hughes


Cat and Mouse

On the sheep-cropped summit, under hot sun,

The mouse crouched, staring out the chance

It dared not take.

Time and a world

Too old to alter, the five mile prospect—

Woods, villages, farms hummed its heat-heavy

Stupor of life.

Whether to two

Feet or four, how are prayers contracted!

Whether in God’s eye or the eye of a cat.