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Gone Fishing – Cat Chasing a Salmon – Huntingdon

Saffron Walden Sweeps Uncategorized Gone Fishing – Cat Chasing a Salmon – Huntingdon

Gone Fishing – Cat Chasing a Salmon – Huntingdon

Posted By paddy

A really busy week this week, I have worked all seven days due to demand. This morning, a Sunday morning, amongst other things, I took a large birds nest out of a Farmhouse chimney in Rickling Green (10 and a half meters of nest) and recovered a sweeping brush and rod that a customer had managed to wedge up his chimney in a thatched cottage in Fullers End! CCTV was most useful in locating and then retrieving the stuck brush. I could actually watch the brush retrieval took fastening hold of the brush, which I was then able to dislodge and pull out of the flue liner within which it was firmly wedged.

On a lighter note, here is another thatched animal, this time another cat, but one who has gone chasing a fish. I think the fish is probably a salmon?

Written by paddy

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